Wednesday, February 1, 2012

Day 150: The Tough Ones

Some days on the writing challenge are tougher than others. Even a seemingly easy day like today was, in which I took the day off from my hour and a half long workout routine and mid-day shower, still threw me for a loop with an unplanned power outage right before a deadline. I have yet to finish all of my 2,500 words thus far today, but on the bright side, I did receive my largest freelance writing check of all time from my freelance gig. It's true that I still have some work left to do today, but getting a nice sum of money that I can place toward my dead will soften the blow somewhat :).

In writing news, I worked on Identity Interrupted, posted a blog post for character writing prompts on the subject of partiers and continued to make headway on my blog tour posts. Happy hump day everybody!

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