Thursday, February 9, 2012

Day 158: Illness

How does one deal with an illness during a big creativity challenge like this one? Well, in my case, I more or less just tried to write as normal taking as many naps as necessary to get the creativity juices flowing. Nobody likes writing with a sore throat or a wad of tissues hanging around. If you've set out a challenge for yourself, however, you need to weather the storm by forcing yourself to make it happen. I've been sick for two days and while I've taken a little longer getting everything done before the evening, I'm happy to say I've still been successful. Don't give up, even if it gets tough, even if you feel like you're gonna pass out. Do what you have to do to make your goal continue to come true!

Today, I wrote a blog post on character writing prompts about the mean spirited worked on some prompts for the secret project and I'm about to do a blog tour post that will hopefully knock a blogger's socks off. Have a great night all!

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