Saturday, November 26, 2011

Day 83: Where to Be

It's interesting living a life as a writer because you aren't tied down to one particular place. While my girlfriend has a job that places her in Chicago, I could certainly finish my 2,500 words and my freelance work from any computer in the world. I haven't taken full advantage of this during the challenge (aside from this week in Pennsylvania) though I plan on doing it in March or so when I interview people for an awesome book that I will be working on in 2012.

In addition, we will hopefully be taking trips to Colorado and perhaps even California over the next year, which would allow me to see some amazing places while keeping up my challenge as if nothing has changed. I'm grateful for this freedom and I suggest that those who are thinking about writing full-time give it a shot for this very reason :).

Today, as I worked out some of the open bar drinks from my reunion last night ;), I worked on some character writing prompts and on a blog post of how to use writing prompts.

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