Tuesday, December 13, 2011

Day 100: Like a Baby's Bottom

It feel really great to have completed 100 days of this writing challenge. That means I've more than exceeded 250,000 words since I started in early September. I've definitely felt some fatigue this week from my hard work and I postponed a few projects that I'd been planning to squeeze in before the end of the year. I'm no stranger to tiring myself out from working too hard, but the best way for me to get past it is to treat each day like a baby's bottom. Smooth. New. Fresh (after it's been changed of course). I need to come out ready to press on to day number 101, 201, eventually 301 and everything in between. If I think of it as another boring addition to my collection of hard fought days, I'll be spent in no time. I need to be grateful for what I've done so far and be proud of what I can achieve that very day.

Today in my 100th day of writing, I worked on some more character writing prompts on religious figures and also worked on some about the mentally disabled. On my website, I took a bit of a departure and wrote about the future of creativity.

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