Wednesday, December 7, 2011

Day 94: The Frozen Tundra

In an effort to keep myself motivated to stay in shape this winter, I have joined something called The Frozen Tundra 100 Challenge. This community running challenge awards prizes at random to those who finish 100 miles over the course of December and January. So far, I've run 22 miles, making me close to making the first quarter of my challenge. I'm not sure what it is that I like so much about these challenge things (i.e. this blog), but I think it's good to test yourself and your limits from time to time. How else will you know what you're capable of?

These chilly runs have been aided by the fact that it's been unseasonably warm so far. Yes, 30 degrees is still warmer than it can be up in Chicago. I think it also helps that pretty much the only time I need to go outside is for running. If I was walking to "work" or had to travel about the city for errands, I might be completely sick of the cold. Since I'm fortunate enough to stay in the apartment more or less all day, it makes me less annoyed with the cold (especially since I've been equating cold with necessary fat preventing exercise this month :)). I think it won't be hard for me to reach the challenge's goal and I may even be able to surpass 200 if I really push it. I'd love to take the opportunity to run almost every day I'm down in North Carolina after the 21st (since it'll be warmer down there) as well.

Today in the writing world, I worked on some prompts about dentists and I worked on a blog post about visualization and manifesting.

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