Saturday, December 24, 2011

Day 111: Dancing in the Dark

Well, technically I wasn't dancing in the dark, but yesterday I did go for a run in the dark in Amy's wooded Chapel Hill neighborhood. It was quite different from my typical run through the very well lit streets of Chicago. It allowed me to think a little more than usual and I had a great idea that I've been wanting to follow up on for a while. Due to the fact that Kindles and Nooks are becoming much more image friendly, it's perfectly possible to digitally publish a children's book with tons of pictures. I have a few artist friends and I'd love to embark on a quest to put out a ton of children's books next year. I love writing for kids and it would be great to have one of the break out to be popular. It's just an idea for now, but let's see if it gets any traction.

I worked on the living in the future book today and I wrote a blog post about how being the healthiest writer is a recipe for success in being the best writer you can be. We'll be checking out The Muppets again today for a $7 matinee while all the crazies are out shopping. This is something I can live with :)

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