Friday, December 2, 2011

Day 89: Too Much Time on My Hands

When you live a freelance life like myself, you save a lot of potentially wasted time that normal 9 to 5-ers have. For instance, since I don't have to take a train into work (or get dressed up for work), I save at least an hour and a half compared to some folks I know (and over 3 hours compared to others). By working out for an hour while I do my work using my exercise bike laptop, I save another hours there. On days when I don't go out to a coffee shop for lunch, I may save 20-30 more minutes of productivity. If you add that all up, that's close to 3 additional hours per weekday, 15 hours per week, 60 extra hours each month.

Is that too much time on my hands? Not if I use it well. On some days, I have been able to wield this time like a sword, conquering annoying tasks that I'd never have the time for during my coffee shop or temping days. On others, well, I waste it, but since I'm doing this challenge, even on days that I waste it, I can say that I've been productive. Hooray for crazy challenges! :)

In writing news, I worked on some writing prompts related to holiday figures and rivals. I also wrote a blog post on famous quotes about happiness. Day number 90 tomorrow, woo woo!

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