Tuesday, December 20, 2011

Day 107: UPS Hostage

I was feeling a bit cooped up this week and I really wanted to get out of the apartment to get some of my writing completed today. I was held a bit of a hostage by UPS unfortunately, waiting for my parents Hanukkah presents to arrive. I suppose I could have paid $5 to get it delivered to the UPS store just down the street for me, but I figured my money could be better spent. Fortunately, after a burst of productivity that coupled writing with laundry folding, I was back in the game and I finished all of my writing around the normal time of 2 PM.

Tomorrow will be a bit of a challenge with an early morning flight to North Carolina to hang with Amy's family. The plan is to get half of my freelance articles out of the way between 4:30 AM and 6:30 AM, take my 2,500 words down a peg or two, finish them in the airport and on the plane and then speed back to Amy's 'rents house to get the 2nd half of the freelance work completed. I'll be pushing to get it all done early because we're all heading to the Dean Dome to see our alma mater play Texas in some good old fashioned college hoops. Very excited :).

In my writing today, I filled out the character prompts for the dark/mysterious and citizens of the world while starting on the Armed Forces. I also wrote a blog post on pride in writing. Happy final shopping days!

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