Sunday, December 4, 2011

Day 91: Sources of Inspiration

When coming up with a ton of different ideas everyday, it helps to have a multitude of sources of inspiration to draw upon. I've gotten a lot of aid from my improv comedy days which have taught me to pull ideas essentially from thin air. When the air seems dry idea-wise though, I love reading articles about movies. Aside from film being one of my favorite subjects, hearing news of different characters, stories and actors can quickly spur me with a new idea. Another thing that helps is when I've done a bit of exercise as it keeps the oxygen flowing to my brain better than sitting on my ass. I thoroughly recommend an exercise laptop bike like I have for this purpose :). Another source of inspiration is looking back at my life and the people and situations I've encountered. The longer you've lived, the more you have to draw from, so I suggest that you use it!

Today, I worked on some prompts about rebels and "the twisted" and followed it up with a blog post of creative writing activities.

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