Thursday, December 1, 2011

Day 88: 3 Months Approaching

It's pretty wild to think of the fact that I've almost completed 3 months of this challenge. Sure, that means there is still a baby worth of months to go, but 220,000 words is nothing to scoff at. I've had more than a few surprises so far in these 88 days. I assumed I'd have completed several books at this point but I'm still trudging along in #2. That being said, #2 is now well over 100,000 words and is going to be an impressive work when I finally get it edited :). By writing so many blog posts, I've also gotten several interesting requests that have come as a result of my increased traffic. If it wasn't for all the work I've put in on that (over 120 posts), those might not have come.

I also just thought of a brilliant idea for re-purposing some of my work in a way that might increase my sales. In the form of workbooks. They would just be in PDF and paperback form, but they would be really helpful for teachers who simply want to photocopy them and use them in class. I'm going to have to see how much they would cost to make and then assess from there :).

Today's writing included some prompts about brides and grooms and a blog post about Hanukkah writing prompts.

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