Saturday, December 10, 2011

Day 97: Stave It Off

The best part about this week was that despite the fact I was feeling a bit down in the dumps and didn't get around to some of what I wanted to do, I was still able to push through and write my 2,500 words each day. Even a guy who writes a book about happiness has rough days from time to time. That was one of the things that stuck with me during my research. It's OK to be "not happy" every so often even if you fancy yourself a happy dude. Happiness isn't about smiling like a crazy person all day long, it's about making happiness and the things that go with it a priority. I'm going for positive goals in my life, I'm grateful for what I have and I'm doing my best to keep the negativity I can control to a minimum. These are a few of the areas I wrote about in my blog post today on how to find true happiness.

I'm also very fortunate to have supportive people in my life like my parents (happy birthday Dad!) and my special lady. If it wasn't for Amy, I might not have even left the house the last couple of days (though, to be fair, this was partly a result of the below 20 degree temperature). It's easy to get into a routine of being very cooped up when you're trying to write so much. Next week, I plan on mixing things up with at least one coffee shop day and perhaps a library day as well. Gotta keep it fresh!

In other news, I am very close to completing my HUGE tome of character writing prompts. I have finished 83 out of 100 sections and the other day I passed 125,000 words all together. Pretty crazy. I hope that people appreciate how much work I've put into it. I also hope it will be a big seller :).

Note: The reason I made the title Stave it Off is because of this amazing Strong Bad cartoon from back in the day :).

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