Thursday, December 15, 2011

Day 102: Tea and Dumplings

Not every day on such an intensive challenge will be all tea and dumplings. Though there was a bit of miso soup and Hawaiian fried rice, since I got out of the house to get some food with my friend Swam. I'm getting off topic and it's only the third sentence. What I'm trying to say here is that some days will be tougher than others and will feel like pulling teeth compared to the days when you get done before the sun has come up. On these days where the daylight hours are short and the weather is cold, motivation may be in short shrift, but you've got to keep pushing. Find inspiration wherever you can, whenever you can. There are an unlimited number of ways to be inspired creatively, you just have to get off your butt and find them.

Today, I came ever so close to finishing this huge book I've been talking about seemingly forever, by writing some character writing prompts on salespeople. I also wrote a blog post on failing forward in reference to a great Louis C.K. interview I'm currently listening to.

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