Wednesday, September 14, 2011

Day 10: Nearly 1,000!

Today wasn't the most exciting day motivation wise and I felt like a lot my work in the happiness book today will need to be edited, but I'm glad that I did it and it's better to finish a first draft than to keep it in my head for all of time.

One really cool thing that I found out this morning was that I had 974 unique visitors to my website yesterday! Writing a blog post every day is really making an impact, it seems. Made $5 off Google AdSense yesterday as well.

I would love by the end of the 365 days to be getting over 5,000 visitors a day with over $100 a day in Google AdSense. Lofty goal but hell, a man can dream can't he :).

Also wrote a post today about how to break the pattern of procrastination when it comes to writing.

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