Saturday, September 17, 2011

Day 13: 45 posts?

Here we are on day 13 of my ridiculous writing crusade and I've decided to post 45 blog posts on my writing blog today. Am I insane?

Well, not completely. The last couple of days I realized that I should be taking advantage of the fact that I have an entire book worth of elementary school writing prompts. Especially since my first grade and second grade writing prompt pages are the highest trafficked on the website.

I had already posted 50 prompts from the book as a sample and I decided to go all in and post the other 450, leading to 45 blog posts with a little introduction to each. I hope that this idea will increase my blog traffic astronomically after a few months and that it will add to my advertising revenue as well.

In the book today, which I worked on while eating a scone at Caribou Coffee, I played around with my chapter on education. Happy weekend!

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