Monday, September 19, 2011

Day 15: Oh God!

Today in the happiness book, I wrote about the subject of God and how beliefs relate to joy. I'm really interested to see what people I know think about the section when it's done, because it will probably be the most controversial one I write.

Finally finished up the 45 new blog posts today using the writing prompts from my 500 Writing Prompts for Kids book. I hope that it will increase my book sales and drastically add to my traffic and advertising revenue. There's still plenty of work left to do on the website front and Amy seems to think that writing more prompts pages will be my ticket to success.

On another writing front, author Robyn Okrant, author of the book Living Oprah, and I may work together on a workshop in the future. That'd be pretty cool! We were both on a panel at Second City on Friday evening and she had some extremely interesting wisdom to impart.

Tomorrow, back to new material on Build Creative Writing Ideas and I will continue to wind down on book #1 in this crazy year long challenge!

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