Sunday, September 18, 2011

Day 14: Bleach and Football

I love getting up early on Sundays to write, though on this particular day, it took a few false starts until I finally got my work completed on the happiness book. I'm over 30,000 words in and I may be close to finished once I reach around 40,000. Still haven't decided what book to work on next...

Today, Amy and I are cleaning the apartment to get ready for our move to a bigger apartment down the street on October 1st. This meant inhaling a lot of bleach and throwing away bags and bags of trash. This may end up being the most organized move of my life; all because of this lovely, productive lady.

Also, there is football, which is a wondrous thing. Go Eagles!

Didn't quite get to all 45 posts yesterday, but 27 blog posts in one day of over 10,000 words of content is not half bad, even if it's reprinted from my book :). Should finish the last 18 today!

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