Monday, October 10, 2011

Day 36: Almost There

I just passed 30,000 words in the prompts book (my current estimate is that it will be 70,000 words in total before I move on to book #3), and I've received my second edit of The Post-College Guide to Happiness and it's just about ready to go.

I loved getting up before everyone else in Amy's parents house this morning. It was just me and the cats prowling around as I found a good corner in which to write. I also wrote a post about happiness and love and how important it is to love yourself.

I still have about 2,000 words a day worth of freelance work (aside from the 2,500 of the challenge) that I'd love to be able to chop out by some point next year. I hope these new books can start selling like hot cakes by the end of the year to make my dreams of full-time authorship a reality.

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