Wednesday, October 12, 2011

Day 38: Erosion

One of the best things about this challenge is that I'm slowly wearing down projects that I've been wanting to take on for ages, but have been too scared to embark upon. By writing 2,500 words a day, I've acted like a body of water on a stone, going over the same path over and over again until it completely erodes away.

While I'm not yet halfway done the 1,000 prompts book part deux, it's really starting to come together and I'm hoping to be have it out in digital stores by the end of November (come on Christmas sales)! The happiness book is edited and I'm getting it into the proper formats for release by this Friday with a kick-ass cover coming soon! In addition, I just secured a verbal agreement to tell an AMAZING non-fiction story that might have me traveling to N.C. for a few weeks in January for interviews. If it wasn't for this slow and steady approach, I might never have gotten to this point.

I worked on some new sections in the prompts book today and I wrote a blog post about the power of setting a word goal each day, possible for as long as five years.

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