Saturday, October 15, 2011

Day 41: My Website

If there is one work I've created that I'm proud of, it's my website Build Creative Writing Ideas. I started the site in December 2008 in hopes of helping other struggling creative types like myself. I worked on it in fits and spurts throughout the last two and a half years and now there are over 500 pages of content. This month is my best yet (content and traffic wise) and I'm currently averaging over 700 unique visitors a day

It's certainly not perfect and it isn't the prettiest site int he world, but I'm very happy with all the work I've put into it, like the post I wrote today about how to write a journal. I also filled out the 100 categories for the book and I'm ready to speed through the 700+ remaining. Also, we're going to Ikea. Yay!

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