Saturday, January 28, 2012

Day 146: Chuck and Bryan vs. The Goodbye

Last night, there were two major goodbyes in my life. In the world of television, I said goodbye to Chuck, which had its series finale last night. I've seen a lot of haters out there referring to the ending as a cop-out. I disagree. By having Sarah start to regain her memories and to fall in love with Chuck all over again, the two of them can have an even brighter future the second time around. I don't know if the kiss they share on the beach will restore her memories. It's obviously one of those "Are you a hopeless romantic or aren't you?" kind of TV scenarios. I think that if it didn't restore her memories, it certainly restored the emotion behind them. That's all they need, in my opinion.

In the real world, I said goodbye to my friend Swam, who will be going to India for three months and will follow it up by taking a high-paying job in either Washington, DC or Delaware. As my best friend from high school who will mostly likely be the best man at my wedding, it will be sad to have him in another country and then another city. Over the years in Chicago, I've had friends leave or fade away and as a shut-in writer, it can be difficult to get out there and meet new people. Most evenings, Amy and I stay in and thoroughly enjoy our time together. I still have some people I hang out with from time to time, but their numbers are dwindling. On the bright side, Swam being elsewhere does give me the opportunity to visit someone in a cool city :).

In writing news today, I continued working on the coda of Identity Interrupted and I began working on my happiness blog tour articles. I also posted a page from the character writing prompts book focused on criminals.

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