Friday, January 13, 2012

Day 131: Conquering Adversity

I'm no stranger to conquering adversity. In middle and high school I used to be incredibly shy and I would rarely stand up for myself. Toward the end of my time there, however, I pushed myself into the starting lineup on the varsity wrestling team and I had to fight against some of the toughest kids in the state. Through that experience, I learned how important it was to never give up. I realize that my adversity doesn't compare to that of many people in this world. I've never had to deal with a crippling disease or death in my immediate family. I've been in car accidents and I've had illnesses, but I've never witnessed a horrible event or seen my life savings go up in smoke.

Conquering adversity though, should not be completely dependent on the size of the difficulty, however. I believe that those with the toughest, darkest lives can shine the brightest if they push themselves hard enough to their goals. On the other side of the coin, people with tiny adversities that they bitch and moan about can create an amazing life for themselves if they realize the great and wonderful things they do have going for them. It's silly that on a day like today, when I've had some trouble getting my writing done, to even classify it as adversity. That being said, if I choose to give up on the challenge and to let my fears overwhelm me at any step, I will be doing a disservice to everyone who has pushed past adversity large or small. It is for all of you who have the world bearing down on you, that I keep moving forward for. I hope you are able to keep moving forward as well.

Today, I have worked on my book, Why I'm Not Famous Yet and I've written a blog post about how to truly be yourself.

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