Monday, January 9, 2012

Day 127: A Word Diet

When you're in the midst of a challenge like this one, you'd rather not have to endure any major life changes for fear of it upsetting the balance you've already achieved. Then again, whatever the subject of your challenge, whether it's a word count or a number of miles to run in a single month, it doesn't exist in a bubble. My weight tends to fluctuate wildly unless I stay on a consistent diet and exercise routine. Wait, scratch that. The exercise routine doesn't tend to matter that much for me. Unless I'm on a diet, my weight tends to balloon, because my metabolism is like a rock trying to climb out of a well.

As a result, I've re-introduced Weight Watchers into my life, which has helped me in the past to drop about 10 to 15 pounds. The inevitable result of a diet, whether or not you lose weight, is an increase in crankiness. I'm actually the most emotionally centered of any time in my life that I've dieted, and as a result, the crankiness is less apparent, but it's still there. If I notice myself getting too whiny about having to write on a certain day, it's time for me to have some water or an apple. That typically helps for about half an hour, but it's tough to keep my mind, which is used to having some sort of snack to calm it down, from self-destroying my desire to write.

Like I said though, our challenges don't exist in a vacuum. I have to lose weight if I'm going to be healthier and especially if I'm going to keep this running up (for the sake of my weary knees). I know I'll feel better about myself if I drop some weight and fit into my clothes better. I'll look better when I take a gander at myself in the mirror. I suspect that eventually, my energy and desire to write will be even greater as well after I've hit my goal weight. I hope thoroughly that these efforts outside of my challenge can truly benefit the challenge itself.

I just realized that I'm more than 1/3 of the way through as of last week. Woo hoo! Today I worked on Why I'm Not Famous Yet and I wrote a blog post about being your own boss. Off to do some 10 minute workout videos! :)

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