Thursday, January 26, 2012

Day 144: Chuck Bartowski

I know that I don't usually write a blog post twice on the same subject, but I'm literally counting down the hours until the show "Chuck" shows its final two episodes on Friday night. Characters Chuck Bartowski, Sarah Walker, Morgan Grimes and John Casey are some wonderful fully realized characters and I have absolutely no idea how the series will end (though I'm sure they'll find some way for it to be happy). I haven't been this excited over a series finale since Friday Night Lights. I know that it's silly to be so obsessed over a TV show, but I feel a great connection to Chuck and the funny wittiness the show has demonstrated. Some day, I'd like to work on a show like Chuck that so deftly blends comedy and action. Friday night on NBC. Check it out! :)

Today, I wrote the BIG REVEAL SCENE in Identity Interrupted, though there's still plenty of scenes to write before it. I just got too excited to put off writing that fun scene. I also wrote a blog post about where to find inspiration. Less than 48 hours to go, y'all! :)

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