Friday, January 20, 2012

Day 138: Chuck

Today I will be watching the third to last episode of the television show "Chuck." I have watched little of the first two seasons and I really only got hooked in the beginning of the third when people had already said it was on the decline. There's something about the program that really makes me smile. It doesn't take itself too seriously (how can it with a major Subway promotion in every few episodes) and when it does it tends to get it quite right. The writers of the show know that we in the audience love the characters. A formerly nerdy but now professionally trained spy. A formerly butch but now settled down female spy who can kick ass whenever she wants. The grunting former animal of a spy who has learned to love through his daughter but still is willing to bash heads when needed. The current nerd and sorta spy who has finally found the love that evaded him for so many years.

These are some great characters to tune into every so often and I'm probably more likely to watch them over and over again than I would any cop procedural. Chuck has been able to stay on the air because of NBC's current 4th place standing of all the networks. While they have hope to move on up due to their shows "The Voice" and "Smash" (which I'll also watch this year), I'm proud of a network that has had loyalty of a show like Chuck. I think that eventually their fortune will turn around but it's going to be about shows with wonderful characters like Chuck and "Parks and Recreation" and not gritty legal dramas. Very excited to tune in tonight and for the last two episodes next Friday.

Today in the writing world, I continued work on Identity Interrupted and wrote a post on how to increase productivity with 5 simple steps.

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