Wednesday, January 25, 2012

Day 143: The Editing Room

The toughest part of this challenge has been to make sure I put as much time into editing my books as I do writing them. My book, 1,000 Character Writing Prompts: Villains, Heroes and Hams for Scripts, Stories and More, is now in the proper order, has a kick-ass cover and is poised to be my next big hit. The only issue is that it's not edited and has plenty of errors and poorly phrased sentences that need tuning up. I need to set aside about 15 hours to edit this puppy from start to finish and add a few hours to the end of that for some formatting. These are the parts of writing I don't enjoy, but until I get to the point that I can afford a full-time editor, I will have to take on some of these responsibilities myself.

I have given myself a bit of breathing room by hiring an assistant for some formatting work, but because she can only work six hours a day, I'm mostly using her to set up future project work, including putting my prompts in order for my series, The Writing Prompts Workbook. After that, I'll have her help me to put the 365 writing prompts in order for The Writing Prompts Journal. If I can get all of those formatted and ready to go, I may be able to release 8 books all around the same time. In a few months, perhaps those books would lead to a doubling or tripling of sales for me! A man's gotta dream, right?

In the writing world today, I added a few more scenes to my sci-fi, detective, young adult mystery book, Identity Interrupted and I wrote a blog post called stumbling ahead about the value of leaping before you look when you get completely stuck or confused.

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