Friday, January 27, 2012

Day 145: Changing the Game

I've decided to make a slight alteration in the writing challenge to help me out with some promotion on my book The Post-College Guide to Happiness. I want to do a 60-day blog tour throughout the blogosphere to promote the book, which I think can be a real juggernaut sales wise if I can get a certain number of reviews. The blog tour will help me to get reviews, since I'll be giving out free digital copies of the book for the whole challenge, leading up to May (graduation season)!

Previously, I had said that the writing challenge consisted of 2,000 words toward my books, 400 words toward a blog post on my website and 100 words toward this blog. Since I have over 50 pages that I have yet to post on Build Creative Writing Ideas, I will continue to post one blog per day there and I will use my 400 required words per day for blog posts to tackle the blog tour. This will allow me to create the 60 unique posts for the tour without having to tax myself with an added blog post every day. When the blog posts are posted online, I'll definitely link to them everyday on this blog. It should be fun and hopefully it will increase traffic here, to BCWI and to my Amazon sales pages!

While the most exciting thing by far and away is the Chuck series finale tonight (!!!), I did have an enjoyable time working further on the climax of Identity Interrupted and on a blog post entitled working from home on the best ways to ensure a successful day of productive work. Tonight I'll also be wishing one of my best friends well for a three-month trip to India! Should be a fun evening all around :)

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