Monday, January 16, 2012

Day 134: The Golden Globes

Why were the Golden Globes so boring last night? I watched the entire telecast from beginning to end (minus the red carpet, not something I'm interested in) and while I think that Ricky Gervais did a bang up job as the host, I feel like a giant televised gala should be at least somewhat interesting. I liked the personal speeches and clip reels of the 10 best picture nominees. The thing that really took the show down a notch was the speeches. Usually there are a few speeches that turn into a "thank you" list, but it seemed like every single speech followed the exact same pattern. My girlfriend was practically lulled to sleep and stopped watching the entire second half while I toughed it out. How should these award accepting folks improve their speeches? Funny you should ask, I wrote a blog post about that very subject :). It's called how to write an awards speech. I plan on following the tips I lay out to the letter when I win an award some time in the future :).

I also worked on my new screenplay Sheepish, which I'm extremely excited about. Today was also my first day with my friend assisting me. Hopefully some day I can be like Amanda Hocking and hire a full-time assistant. Oh how much easier life would be :).

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