Thursday, January 12, 2012

Day 130: Challenge Update

As much to motivate myself as to inform you all where I am in the challenge, here is a little challenge update. I've written over 325,000 words as part of the challenge, including two completed books, the first of which has sold about 25 copies, the second of which should be available by February 1st in digital and paperback version! My 130+ blog posts on my website have been a big boon to my Web traffic. I've averaged well over 600 unique visitors per day and my best day is over 1,500! I'm currently averaging over $50 per month in advertising on my site, up from around $20 a month before the challenge. I think that my goal of over $100 per month is in reach, I just need to keep writing and I'm bound to hit it. My book sales are also way up, following the trend from last January and hopefully they'll continue to rise just as they did last year (especially with me putting new books out).

I've had good days and more challenging ones during the challenge. I'm much more suited to get everything done before 9 a.m., as I lose a bit of steam after my freelance articles which I do between 9:30 a.m. and 2 p.m. I've taken on more freelance articles to increase my immediate income and this has been a positive double whammy for my income along with the increased book sales, which will come to culmination after March when I get paid for this month's sales. The toughest part of the challenge is getting started in the morning, but if I don't waste any time and barrel into it right away, I tend to finish things up much earlier.

And that's where I am. Can't wait to keep this going for another 235 days (at least)!

In other news, I continued to work on the comedy memoir today and I wrote a blog post about dealing with conflict.

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  1. way to go b. keep it up. Good job with interlinking to bcwi. You're learning...