Monday, January 23, 2012

Day 141: Success

What is success and when have you achieved it? Some people might feel success from training for something like a marathon and finishing it. Others might not feel successful unless they get a certain time or burn a certain amount of calories. Some people feel success when they complete a job at work. Others feel success when they accomplish a major several year long project. There isn't a right or a wrong way to have success in this world. The important part is to make sure success lines up with what you want in life.

Too many people don't accomplish what they set out to because they set their standards for success too low. "Phew, I finished 5 minutes of writing straight, time for a shot," versus "Phew, I finished my first book ever. Let's start on a second one." Obviously, it's not that cut and dry, but it's important to set your sights high and to keep yourself motivated in the future. Currently, I'm hitting a bit of a dry spell because making money off of my books was a major motivating factor and getting to the point where I could pay off some of my debt was a huge point somewhere off in the future that I needed to work toward.

After a good couple of months on sales, I need to refocus my desire for success elsewhere. It needs to be about what I can accomplish or who I can help rather than being about some dollar amount. I suggest that all of you reading who are experiencing the same blocks to try the same.

Today, I wrote a fun chapter in Identity Interrupted that felt like it was straight out of Pretty Little Liars and I also penned a blog post about my progress as of January 2012 in the world of writing. Happy writing, y'all!

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