Sunday, January 22, 2012

Day 140: A Future Location

Will my girlfriend and I live out the rest of our days in Chicago? I know that we'll definitely stay here as long as she continues to work at Groupon, but what comes after that? My biggest complains about Chicago have always been the long winters and the cost of living. Now that I'm working from home and dropping credit card debts like bad habits, those two issues have been somewhat curtailed. I've even gone out running in a dual-effort to tame my weight and the chilliness the city has to offer and as a result, I've come more to terms with the weather. The spring and summer here, while short, are extremely fun and there is never a shortage of activities to take part in here in the Windy City.

Sacrifices would have to be made in other locations. If we moved back to North Carolina, the number of social activities would drop like Operation Dumbo the box office! Moving to Los Angeles would up our need of driving and would put us even farther away from our East Coast families. Then again, both of those options would present much nicer weather. LA would give me more opportunities for realizing my dream of being an entertainer.

If my book sales continue to rise and I work harder and harder on my debt, we'll have much more freedom to move wherever we want. Until then, enduring the deep freeze and having plenty of indie movies to watch will have to do for the time being :).

Today, I worked on Identity Interrupted and wrote a blog post called improving your relationship in 5 simple steps.

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